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They say net work equals net worth. But the other part of net worth is the kind of people you surroundyourself with. As an African proverb goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” One needs to have a tenacious and reliable team to go on a power-trip. The most important factor is your team should be brimming with a pool of talented and creative minds, but should also be motivated when things go wrong. From like-minded individuals to utterly blunt ones, everyone plays their part in the success. There are a few signs which will tell you that you are surrounded by the right people.

1. They understand trust comes before anything.

Working together and partying together feel a lot like the same thing.Trust is an integral aspect of a team. Your teammates are not just your business partners; they should also count as your family, so this way working together and partying together feels the same. Work hard and party harder, but all with a code of honor.

2. They’re not afraid to provoke the person next to them. When they get better, you get better.

It is necessary that people around you should be diligent. They should be aware of their talents, just like you. Nothing motivates a person more than seeing the people around you willing to give it all to carry out a task.

3. Friendship matters, but you know when it comes down to it: business is business.                  

Off the working hours you guys might be friends, but during the office hours you should strictly mean business. You have to hold each other accountable for their respective deeds. And at the end of the day, what matters is the bottom line.

4. You are confident that none of you will crack under pressure.

With the work load, comes in the pressure to achieve. So, on the root level you need to earn the confidence of your teammates. There should be a level of trust that no matter what the circumstance might be, your teammates will carry out their respective task, and will not crack under pressure.

5. Dealing with your failures will determine your success

Your teammates should have the will to dust off the defeat and move on. It is this defeat which will count as an experience in the future. So it is imperative that your team remains strong to tackle such situations.

6. The grind is round the clock; there is no easy road to achievement

Unlike what documentaries show, regarding success; It is not easy in real life and with real people. Sleepless nights in order to meet deadlines, is a common thing. If a thing seems easy then you are just not doing it right. All you need is a willing team and half your work is done.

7. Anyone can encourage your blotches, but only real friends tell you to control your proclivity.

There is a fine line between vice and addiction. Everyone starts partying with you, once you are successful. But only real friends will tell you when you start messing your work because of it. It’s important to have such people around you, who will keep you on track.

8. It’s a given that the workload will be intense, but you guys are all passionate about your work. 

No one can hold back your team like the person who can’t stand his own work. They can be utterly miserable and can create problems. The entire team should be passionate about the work. Because that is how you can enjoy the success, when you finally achieve it.

9. You each have a similar goal and are planning on doing whatever it takes to make that goal happen.

Nothing is better than finding a set of people having a same ideology of success as you.

Everyone defines success in their own way, which is the beauty of it. But when people with similar mindset work together, they can make things work in their favor easily.


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